You’ve heard of the Hatfields & McCoys Feud, now discover the rest of the story.

The Hatfields & McCoys Feud Historic Driving Tour is a self-guided tour of the sites from “the world’s most famous feud”. Pikeville/Pike County, Kentucky is one of America’s most unique travel destinations. Being home to the world famous Hatfield & McCoy Feud, visitors from around the globe have flooded into the region to explore the wealth of history, outdoor adventure, live entertainment and local flavor that Pikeville/Pike County has to offer. With hotels such as the Hampton Inn and the Holiday Inn Express, visitors can expect a relaxing stay to go along with an unforgettable experience.

How to Begin Your Hatfield McCoy Tour

The Hatfield and McCoy Driving Tour is a self-guided tour that includes all historic sites, both in Kentucky and West Virginia, of the feud. Traversing the rugged, beautiful mountains of Pike County can be rather difficult without directions. So, to begin your tour, we suggest you do the following:

1: Contact Pike County Tourism CVB

1: Contact Pike County Tourism CVB

We offer a FREE Feud Driving Tour brochure that features directions to each site from our Visitors Center, as well as an audio CD or USB featuring narration and music. 

2: Book Your Lodging in Pikeville, Kentucky

2: Book Your Lodging in Pikeville, Kentucky

With hotels like the Hampton Inn and Holiday Inn Express , you’ll enjoy the convenience you love while exploring rustic feud country. 

3: Your Tour Begins at Our Door

3: Your Tour Begins at Our Door

Our Hatfields & McCoys Historic Feud Tour brochure’s directions begin at our front door. Allow us to help you get pointed in the right direction. Oh, and we have a gift shop too!

Shop Hatfield McCoy, Support the Sites

We are a non-profit organization that upkeeps the Hatfield McCoy Historic Sites. Please consider supporting us by purchasing gifts and apparel from our online store. 

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Rent the infamous Hog Trial Cabin from Hatfield & McCoy Feud Legend for your next special event!

Call Pikeville-Pike County Tourism CVB for details: 
(606) 432-5063

“What can I see on this tour?” We’re glad you asked.

The Hatfield McCoy Historic Feud Driving Tour takes you to each site that is open to the public.

Visit the gravesites of the feudists

Randolph McCoy, Roseanna McCoy, Devil Anse Hatfield, Johnse Hatfield and their kin.

Explore Historic Feud Sites 

Randolph McCoy Homeplace & Well, Hog Trial Cabin, Aunt Betty’s House, PawPaw Trees Site, Historic Pike County Courthouse  and more!

Feud Monuments

The Hatfield McCoy Feud Monument, Randolph McCoy hand-carved statue, Devil Anse Hatfield Statue.

Feud Artifacts

Bullets fired in the New Years Eve attack, burnt pieces of Randolph McCoy’s house, and other items of interest.


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Getting Involved: Hatfield McCoy Historic Sites Need Your Help

The historic sites of the Hatfields and McCoys all carry with them not only incredible history, but also great responsibility. We need your help to ensure these amazing sites, along with their stories, carry into the future.

Hatfields & McCoys In Media

Hatfield and McCoy descendants discuss discovering their heritage, and making peace.

Fuel of the Feud; moonshine made from the water of the McCoy Well.

National Geographics “Diggers”, along with  descendants and UK dig at McCoy property.

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