A trail system is currently being planned for Pike County, Kentucky which could be the largest in the state. This trail system is poised to bring millions of dollars to the Eastern Kentucky economy, BUT WE NEED YOUR HELP.

Senate Bill 75 has passed the Senate with unanimous support, yet the bill is facing opposition in the house. This legislation is vital to the success of our trail system by allowing side by sides to legally utilize designated state and local roadways for the purpose of connecting trails.

Photo courtesy of Jamie Caines.

Reach out to the following representatives below and let them know you support Senate Bill 75!

Here is the contact information:

John Blanton: 502-564-8100 ext. 668 • Email: John.Blanton@lrc.ky.gov

Ashley Tackett Lafferty: 502-564-8100 ext. 636 • Email: Ashley.TackettLafferty@lrc.ky.gov

Angie Hatton: 502-564-8100 ext. 669 • Email: Angie.Hatton@lrc.ky.gov

Norma Kirk-McCormick: 502-564-8100 • Email: Norma.KirkMcCormick@lrc.ky.gov

Chris Fugate: 502-564-8100 ext. 697 • Email: Chris.Fugate@lrc.ky.gov

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