Coaltown Dixie Set to Perform at Hillbilly Days

Coaltown Dixie, Eastern Kentucky’s bluegrass darlings, is set to perform at the 36th Annual Hillbilly Days festival, April 19-21, 2012. They will be featured at the Courthouse Square, Thursday at 8:45 p.m., Friday at 8:00 p.m. and Saturday at 4:50 p.m. They will also be doing a special appearance in the lobby of the Hampton Inn, downtown Pikeville on Friday morning from 8:00 a.m.-10:00 a.m. Continue reading “Coaltown Dixie Set to Perform at Hillbilly Days”

Hillbilly Days Awarded Top 10 Festivals in Kentucky

This Hillbilly Days article is from 2013’s event. For Hillbilly Days 2016 information, click here.


Hillbilly Days AwardPike County Tourism CVB received a certificate Thursday recognizing Hillbilly Days as one of Kentucky’s top 10 festivals by the Kentucky Travel Industry Association (KTIA).

Pike County Tourism CVB’s Office Manager, Lenna Goff, worked tirelessly to insure that Kentucky’s second largest festival received the nomination. Hillbilly Days draws more than 100,000 visitors into Pike County each year with its unique blend of live music, food, carnival, entertainment, crafts, and hillbilly antics. This “festival with a heart” raises thousands of dollars each year for the Shriners Hospital for Children, located in Lexington, Kentucky. Shriners Hospital serves children from around the region who are disabled or have been severely burned, providing healthcare in an atmosphere that makes them feel comfortable and relaxed. Hospitals can often be intimidating for young children. Shriners Hosptial’s facilities utilize colorful layouts and cartoon characters that make for a more welcoming environment for children. Continue reading “Hillbilly Days Awarded Top 10 Festivals in Kentucky”

Pike County Festivals 2012

Pike County hosts several wildly popular festivals and events each year, with Spring bringing about the second largest festival in Kentucky, the Hillbilly Days festival, as well as Elkhorn City’s celebration of Springtime beauty, the Apple Blossom festival. Music festivals and shows are also featured throughout the year, such as July Jam, SOAR, the Tri-State Gospel Singing, and more, each bringing together local and national top quality artists and performers. Bushwhacking on the Russell Fork, one of Kentucky’s fastest growing Civil War re-enactments, is held on Memorial Day weekend in Elkhorn City. Come and witness cannon-roaring live re-enactments of Civil War skirmishes in one of the Civil War’s most hotly contested areas. Continue reading “Pike County Festivals 2012”

Fine Dining in Pikeville/Pike County Kentucky

When visiting Pike County, we will spoil you with a variety of delicious dining options. With a variety of selections as diverse as your taste preference, Pike County’s restaurants are sure to give you a remarkably delectable dining experience. From hot dogs to hibachi, Pike County features top quality American, Chinese, Japanese, Mexican and Italian cuisine that will leave your mouth watering.

Continue reading “Fine Dining in Pikeville/Pike County Kentucky”

Kentucky’s Most Award-Winning Community Theatre

Photo courtesy of Larry Epling

Nestled in the scenic town of Elkhorn City, KY, is a theatre that has won more awards than any other community theatre in the state, The Artists Collaborative Theatre. Drawing from Pike County’s pool of exceptional talent, Artists Collaborative Theatre has captured the hearts and tickled the funny bones of thousands of visitors over the past decade. With a diverse range of genres, from comedies to musicals and drama, every production is of the highest quality and features something for everyone to enjoy. Continue reading “Kentucky’s Most Award-Winning Community Theatre”