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Thousands of people from all around the world have visited Pike County, Kentucky to immerse themselves into some of America’s richest historical locales. Pike County is home to most of the significant Hatfield and McCoy feud sites, and as a result of the recent spike in the feud’s popularity, Pikeville/Pike County offers a self-guided tour of these interesting historic locales.

Where to Begin Your Hatfield McCoy Tour

The Hatfield and McCoy Driving Tour is a self-guided tour that includes all historic sites, both in Kentucky and West Virginia, of the feud. Traversing the rugged, beautiful mountains of Pike County can be rather difficult without directions. So, to begin your tour, we suggest you do the following:

  1. Secure lodging in one of Pikeville-Pike County’s amazing hotels, such as the Hilton Garden Inn, Hampton Inn or Holiday Inn Express, to name a few. Check out our lodging options here.
  1. Obtain your FREE Hatfields & McCoys Historic Feud Driving Tour brochure at the Pike County Visitors Center. This brochure contains both step-by-step directions, as well as GPS coordinates, to all of the feud sites that are open to the public. You may also obtain the brochure online, or request one by mail.

    Note that the brochure’s directions begin at the Pike County Visitors Center.
  1. Enhance your tour with the Hatfield McCoy Driving Tour CD. This audio CD features storytelling, voice acting and Hatfield McCoy themed music, and can be purchased online or at the Pike County Visitors Center in Pikeville, KY.

    Note that if you visit the Pike County Visitors Center during after hours, the Driving Tour CD is also available at the Hampton Inn’s front desk (the Visitors Center is also located in the Hampton Inn of Pikeville).
  1. Your self-guided tour begins at the front door of the Pike County Visitors Center, with the brochure directing you to each site both in Pikeville, Pike County, and into West Virginia. Only sites that are open to the public are featured on the tour, and it is requested that visitors only tour these sites during daylight hours.

The Hatfields and the McCoys

Devil Anse Hatfield

The families of the Hatfields and McCoys feud leaders were of strong stock and from them have come leaders of many professions – business, education, medicine, governors, senators, lawyers etc. The clans, both Hatfield and McCoy, were honest, hard-working and proud. They came into the wilderness of Kentucky and Virginia (now West Virginia) and patented thousands of acres of land. The McCoys generally hail from the Kentucky side of the Tug River and the Hatfields from the West Virginia side. However, even during the famous feud, both families shared space on either side of the Tug.

Violence between the two famous families escalated in the late 1800’s, culminating with the New Years Massacre of 1888, where the Hatfields attacked the McCoy Cabin in Hardy, Kentucky, burning it to the ground and killing Randolph McCoy’s daughter Alifair McCoy, and his son Calvin. The final casualty of the feud would be Ellison “Cotton Top” Mounts, Ellison Hatfield’s son, who was hanged in Pikeville, Kentucky.

Since the feud, the two families have found peace, signing a peace treaty in 2002 in response to the 911 attacks, with the goal of encouraging unity among Americans.

The Hatfield-McCoy Feud: From Retribution to Reconciliation

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