Learn of Henry Ford’s coal business in Stone, Kentucky.

There is no better place to learn of America’s Industrial age than Stone Kentucky, which features the Stone Heritage Museum and the Ford mansion. 

Attraction Spotlight

Stone, KY: One of America’s most interesting historic gems.

 It is a little known fact that prominent American industrialist Henry Ford, founder of the Ford Motor Company, established a coal business in Stone, Kentucky. This proved to be his largest coal mining operation, with daily production values at around 6000 tons, and around 180,000,000 tons in reserve. Ford’s coal mining operation employed around 1500 men and proved to be an essential economic resource in the area.

The Stone Heritage Museum is the result of the mission of the Stone community to preserve their coal mining heritage. The museum features a wide variety of artifacts from Appalachian history, such as old photographs, artwork, mining memorabilia, dentist office items, early publications, news clippings, scrapbooks, household items, baseball items, antiques, school mementos and much more.

Find the Stone Heritage Museum

Stone Heritage Museum Splash

1355 Pond Creek Road
Stone, KY 41567
Phone: (606) 237-5100 or (606) 353-9835
Email:  blball@suddenlinkmail.com
President: Bill Ball

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