American Experience, a show that focuses on the individuals and events that have shaped American society, both past and present, will be turning its’ attention to the Feuding Hatfields and McCoys. Premiering on PBS September 10, 2019, The Feud will explore not only the famed feudists, but the impact that the feud had on the region. According to the previews, topics (in addition to the feud story itself) reviewed by the program include the Civil War’s role in the feud, the feud’s role in creating the “hillbilly” stereotype, and the effects industry had on the region’s way of life, among many others.

The Feud will feature historians and experts, as well as feud descendants providing commentary and perspective on Pike County and the Tug Valley’s most interesting, and challenging historical narrative.

To view the American Experience: The Feud preview page, click here.

The Feud Driving Tour

Thousands of history buffs and feud enthusiasts explore the Feud country for themselves by going on the Hatfields and McCoys Historic Feud Tour. This self-guided tour begins in the Pike County Visitors Center, located in the bottom floor of the Hampton Inn of Downtown Pikeville, Kentucky. A free brochure that provides step-by-step instructions (and GPS coordinates) is provided the visitor, with an audio tour CD also available ($20).

The Hatfields and McCoys Historic Feud Tour includes the following attractions:

  • Gravesites of Randolph McCoy, Sally McCoy, Roseanna, William Anderson “Devil Anse” Hatfield (featuring a stone statue of the feudist), Johnse Hatfield, Perry Cline and many more.
  • The McCoy Well property, featuring a hand-carved statue of Randolph McCoy and the original well that the family drew water from.
  • The Hog Trial Cabin, also known as Anderson “Preacher Anse” Hatfield’s cabin.
  • The PawPaw Trees, site of the execution of the McCoy boys.
  • Cotton Top Mount’s hanging site.
  • The courtroom where the Hatfields were put on trial for the attack on the McCoy Cabin.
  • The Big Sandy Heritage Museum, featuring the largest collection of authentic Hatfield and McCoy artifacts.
  • The Matewan Train Depot, and many other interesting locales.

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