Russell Fork Whitewater Is Just Around the Corner

Each weekend in October, whitewater rafting is available on the Russell Fork River in beautiful Elkhorn City, Kentucky. Elkhorn City has become the go-to place for whitewater enthusiasts, outdoor adventure seekers, and kayakers of any skill level.

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The Russell Fork River, which flows through Elkhorn City, offers a range of challenge levels, from the fun class II rapids to the more exhilarating class IV and higher rapids. Traverse through two beautiful states as you experience the river that kayakers all over have come to know and love. Check out Dane Jackson’s 2014 winning run on the Russell Fork:

Hotels Near the Russell Fork River

Pike County’s lodging options covers a wide variety of high quality establishments. From your favorite hotel chains such as Hilton Garden Inn, Hampton Inn and Holiday Inn Express, to our unique locally owned inns such as The Landmark Inn and the Hatfield & McCoy Lodge at the Riverside, you can always expect a friendly smile and a clean and relaxing rooms at any rate. Very few locales offers a chance to experience wild beauty & nature, profound American history, unique live entertainment and also top quality lodging. In Pike County, hospitality is a way of life, so come and enjoy what we have to offer. We can’t wait to meet you!

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Healthy Walking Paths of Pikeville, KY

Pikeville, Kentucky is known for its small town atmosphere, but with so much to offer. With a wealth of 5k runs, historic locales, and unique downtown dining & shopping opportunities, Pikeville is one of the best places in Eastern Kentucky for a walk, whether for leisure, health, or both.

The Pike County Diabetes Partnership has put together this handy walking map of Downtown Pikeville to help walkers determine the walking path that fits best. The map is broken up into four categories, based on degree of difficulty and what can be found on each individual path. Click on the link below to download the Healthy Walking Paths of Pikeville, KY map, and get outside! Heck, you never know, you may catch a few Pokemon on your travels as well.

Healthy Walking Paths of Pikeville, KY Map
Healthy Walking Paths of Pikeville, KY Map

Eastern Kentucky Weekend Getaway

Pikeville/Pike County, Kentucky is one of America’s most unique travel destinations, and is a perfect place for an Eastern Kentucky Weekend Getaway. Being home to the world famous Hatfield & McCoy Feud, visitors from around the globe have flooded into the region to explore the wealth of history, outdoor adventure, live entertainment and local flavor that Pikeville/Pike County has to offer. With hotels such as the Hilton Garden Inn, Hampton Inn & Holiday Inn, just to name a few, visitors can expect a relaxing stay to go along with an unforgettable experience. Plan your Eastern Kentucky Weekend Getaway today!

Pikeville Pike County PokeStops

Caught up in the Pokemon Go craze? So are we. We figured everyone would like to know where all of the PokeStops are located in Pikeville/Pike County, Kentucky. Check out the Pokemon Go map below, and never be caught without your Pokemon catching tools again!


Pike County Pokemon Gallery

Breaks Park Generates $9.95 Million Regional Economic Impact in 2015

Breaks Interstate Park provided an $9.95 million economic impact across southeast Kentucky and southwest Virginia in 2015, according to a Virginia State Park system study. The park recorded 357,993 day-use and overnight visitors last year, and posted the fourth greatest economic impact among state parks in Virginia.

“Our local economy has been gravely impacted by the downturn of the coal market. In response, we are seeking new and innovative ways to reposition our area as a tourism destination and it is encouraging to see that those efforts are bearing fruit,” said Superintendent Austin Bradley.

The economic impact study takes into account not only the park’s revenue, but the direct and indirect impact of tourism dollars generated by the park into the surrounding localities. That includes money visitors spend on items such as food, gas, and supplies while traveling.

Breaks Park continues to be a viable and integral contributor to the local economy, said Bradley. He added that as one of the few recreational parks in the coalfields, Breaks Park also offers vital outdoor facilities to the region, and helps to foster an active, healthy lifestyle during a time when obesity rates and other health related problems are on the rise.

Breaks Interstate Park is located on the Kentucky – Virginia border and is accessed by State Route 80. Commissioned by the U.S. Congress in 1954, it encompasses more than 4,600 acres is one of only two interstate parks in the United States. For more information about the park, please visit



Where to Find Breaks Park

627 Commission Cir.
Breaks, VA 24607
Phone: (276) 865-4413
Information Office
Visit the Breaks Park website

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