Each September, Pike County Tourism CVB, along with the Pike County government and various community leaders host Hatfield McCoy Heritage Days, a multi-day event that involves many descendants of Hatfields and the McCoys. Descendants of these famous feuding families come to Pikeville and the surrounding area to engage in storytelling, meet and greets, and special events that are open to community members and visitors alike. One truly special event that takes place each heritage days is the Memorial Service at the McCoy Well, a service that brings together direct descendants of both families in a display of unity and peace.

Billy Hatfield Ministries presented a $1000 scholarship to a feud descendant Adam McCoy. Pictured here is Billy with Belfry High School principal Mark Gannon (to his right), alongside Adam McCoy’s family and McCoy Well property owner Bob Scott (far left).

Taking place at the original Randolph McCoy property on Blackberry Creek (Hardy, KY), which was torched on January 1, 1888, during a Hatfield invasion, this emotionally powerful service offers this much-needed message in this tumultuous time we are now living in.

Randolph McCoy’s great-great-great-grandson Ron McCoy, along with William Anderson “Devil Anse” Hatfield’s great-grandson Billy Hatfield, was on site to provide remarks for this solemn event. Bob Scott (who is also a relative of both families) and his wife Rita were gracious enough to organize this special event. Bob and Rita have been devoted supporters of tourism in the area for many years, and are deeply involved in keeping the Hatfield McCoy heritage alive.

Ron has been a supporter of Pike County Tourism for many years as well, volunteering a great deal of his time to restoring and maintaining both McCoy and Hatfield gravesites and properties. Ron has also been heavily involved in many of the feud-related heritage events organized by Pike County Tourism CVB over the past two decades. Billy has volunteered on many occasions in the past, giving not only of his time but of his talent also, specifically, his god-given gift for preaching. Billy is an evangelist from Tulsa, Oklahoma, and is watched each week by tens of thousands on Facebook Live. Let’s take a look at what Devil Anse Hatfield’s great-grandson had to say:

Ron and Billy’s presence at this event strikes a impactful chord, given the terrible history that happened between their families on that property so long ago. But this dynamic makes their message more salient than ever before. If the direct descendants of these two families who are famous for their hatred for one another can come together at the scene of their history’s darkest hour, can we as a people come together and learn how to love our neighbors, just as Christ has commanded?

For more on Billy Hatfield and his work, check out Billy Hatfield Ministries-Dynamics For Living on Facebook. Billy is also the author of The Shark Tank Theology: How the Tank Mirrors Life’s Journey, and other books which are available on Amazon and other online retailers. Ron McCoy is also the author of REUNION: Hatfields and McCoys, an amazing account of the first national reunion of the Hatfields and McCoys back in 2000; available on Amazon.

Hatfield McCoy Heritage Days 2022 Gallery

Live music by Connor Dale & Rachel Messer (left photo). Bob Scott opening remarks (middle photo). Hatfields & McCoys with guests at McCoy graves (right photo).

McCoys and guests at Perry Cline grave (left photo). Dressing Perry Cline’s grave (middle photo). Billy Hatfield shaking hands with McCoy descendant at McCoy grave (right photo).

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