Pikeville-Pike County Tourism CVB is proud to announce the impressive economic impact of tourism in Pike County for the year 2023. Tourist spending in Pike County reached an astounding $103.2 million, directly supporting 835 jobs with a labor income of $24.2 million. State and local taxes generated from tourism activities amounted to $7.7 million, demonstrating the significant financial benefits of a thriving tourism industry to our community.

Tony K. Tackett, Executive Director of Pikeville-Pike County Tourism CVB, stated, “The robust growth in tourism spending underscores the vital role that tourism plays in our local economy. Every dollar spent by visitors helps bolster our community, support local jobs, and reduce the tax burden on our residents.”

The positive impact of tourism extends beyond mere economic metrics. It enhances the quality of life for eastern Kentuckians by promoting local products and experiences that attract visitors. Chairlady Judi Conway Patton emphasized, “Our commitment to showcasing Kentucky’s unique attractions and cultural heritage not only draws tourists but also enriches the lives of our residents. This dual benefit is key to fostering a vibrant, thriving community.”

Tourism is a significant contributor to the state’s economy as well. In 2023, tourism in Kentucky generated $996 million in state and local taxes. According to the Kentucky Travel Industry Association, this revenue far exceeds the amount invested in government tourism marketing and the operation of public facilities and attractions that serve visitors. The net effect is that tourism-generated tax revenue provides substantial funding for non-tourism governmental services and operations, benefiting all residents of Kentucky.

Board member Debra Huffman highlighted, “The infusion of money into our local economy by visitors from outside the region is vital to expanding business in the region. It’s a cycle of prosperity that starts with tourism and extends to all areas of public life.”

Experiences that attract visitors also play a crucial role in attracting new businesses to the state and our county. Board member Teresa Duncan remarked, “When we invest in creating memorable experiences for visitors, we simultaneously enhance the attractiveness of our area for new businesses. This, in turn, drives further economic development and job creation.”

Pikeville-Pike County Tourism CVB invites everyone to learn more about our efforts and offerings by visiting the Pikeville-Pike County, KY Welcome Center, located in the Downtown Pikeville Flatiron Building at 685 Hambley Blvd., 3rd floor, accessible by side elevator.


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