Buy Moonshine Made From McCoy Well Water of Feud Fame

Distilled by Pike County’s Pauley Hollow Distillery, Fuel of the Feud moonshine is made from water drawn from the McCoy well, which is located on the property where, on New Years Eve, 1888, the Hatfields attacked the McCoy homeplace, burning it to the ground. This product will become available in July, 2019, and is one of many projects planned that involves the McCoy Well property.

McCoy Well owner, and Hatfield descendant Bob Scott, along with his wife Rita, worked tirelessly over the course of the past few years, to make this product a reality.

“This product not only tastes great, but it also gives locals and visitors an opportunity to own an artifact from Hatfield McCoy Feud Country,” said Scott, who is also a Pike County Tourism CVB board member. “This is more than a drink, this is a keepsake for those who love the history, and it is something that further enhances Pike County’s tourism offerings.”

“Products are more meaningful to our visitors when they have a story attached to them,” said Jay Shepherd, Pike County Tourism CVB Marketing Director. “This is a product with a story. A Hatfield designed it using water from Randolph McCoy’s well, and a Pike County distillery distilled it.”

“Moonshine has long been part of the heritage of Appalachia and the Hatfields and McCoys,” said Ron McCoy, direct descendant of Randolph McCoy. “Like so many aspects of feud history, moonshine has its negative connotations. However, using the water from the McCoy well is a truly unique way to produce an authentic product distilled by a local business, one that promotes the unity between the families and is respectful of our mutual heritage.”     

“Keeping with the tradition of the feud, Fuel of the Feud is made from a mashbill of West Virginia corn and Kentucky rye along with malted barley and cane sugar,” said Josh Martin, owner of Pauley Hollow Distillery. “It is distilled in a copper pot still in small batches. This 100 proof moonshine has an initial sweet corn flavor with a spicy rye finish.”

Pauley Hollow Distillery’s Fuel of the Feud will be available this July, and can be purchased in Liquor stores across Kentucky.

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Hatfield McCoy Feud Driving Tour

Thousands of people from all around the world have visited Pike County, Kentucky to immerse themselves into some of America’s richest historical locales. Pike County is home to most of the significant Hatfield and McCoy feud sites, and as a result of the recent spike in the feud’s popularity, Pikeville/Pike County offers a self-guided tour of these interesting historic locales.

The Hatfield and McCoy Driving Tour is a self-guided tour that includes all historic sites, both in Kentucky and West Virginia, of the feud. Visitors are provided a Hatfield and McCoy Driving Tour brochure for free, which features step-by-step instructions for finding each feud site that is open to the public. An optional Hatfield and McCoy Driving Tour CD is available for purchase below. Both items can be found in our visitors’ center store, located in the Hampton Inn on 831 Hambley Blvd, Pikeville. The audio CD serves as a tour guide for the feud sites, and offers professional voice talent and music, which spices up the already wonderful tour.

Interactive Lecture Series: Hatfield-McCoy Feud

The Big Sandy Heritage Center will be hosting Interactive Lecture Series: Hatfield-McCoy Feud, Saturday, September 23, beginning at 10:00 a.m. This event has been rescheduled from August 23, and will be featured during Hatfield McCoy Heritage Days 2017. Presenter Reed Potter will be bringing the history to life with a discussion and Q&A. Refreshments will be served to participants. This is a museum open house event, no admission will be charged, but donations will be taken. This is a great opportunity to share your family stories with others!

Pre-registration is preferred, call (606) 766-1025.

Big Sandy Heritage Center Gallery

Hatfield McCoy Commemorative Rifle & More at Heritage Days 2015

The Hatfields & McCoys are coming to Pikeville, Kentucky, for Hatfield McCoy Heritage Days, September 24, 25 and 26, 2015! A wealth of festivities are planned, from live music, car shows, a demolition derby and more. We also have American Legacy Rifles showcasing a very unique rifle, the Hatfield & McCoy Commemorative 150 years rifle.

Hatfield & McCoy Commemorative Rifle

The true story of an American family feud that spanned several decades inspired American Legacy Firearms to create the Hatfield and McCoy Rifle, which will be made available during this year’s Hatfield McCoy Heritage Days event!

This firearm commemorates the long lasting quarrel between the two families, and to ensure historical accuracy, American Legacy Firearms has been in contact with some of the Hatfield and McCoy family members to secure details about their lineage. Etched into the finish of the wood is a timeline of events between the two feuding clans. Both sides dealt with intense sacrifices, which forever transformed the family members that lived through it all.

With the approval of the direct descendants of Devil Anse Hatfield and Randall McCoy, the rifle also features the signatures of Reo Hatfield and Ron McCoy, who designed the truce that was signed in 2003. Not only will purchasers receive a copy of the truce, but a certificate of authenticity for this limited edition item as well. Only 150 were made, making this a very special item for gun collectors and history buffs alike.

Hatfield & McCoy Commemorative Rifle Gallery


Dine with the Hatfields & McCoys

The Hatfield & McCoy Homecoming Dinner will be featuring a house salad with assorted dressings, hawaiian roasted chicken, glazed sliced ham, mashed potatoes, southern style green beans, California blend vegetables, chef’s choice dessert rolls, and non-alcohol beverages.

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The feud is over, let the fun begin! Hatfield and McCoy Heritage Days is coming to Pikeville and Pike County, Kentucky. Expect plenty of friends, food, and fun during this highly anticipated event.

Hatfield McCoy Heritage Days 2015 The feud is over, let the fun begin! Hatfield and McCoy Heritage Days is coming to Pikeville/Pike County, Kentucky, Sept. 24-26, 2015. Expect plenty of friends, and fun during this highly anticipated event.
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Hatfield McCoy Dinner Tickets

Enjoy dinner with descendants of the famous feuding families, the Hatfields and the McCoys, September 25, 2015. Dinner will be held at the Hampton Inn Hotel Mountain View room, 7th floor. Catering will be provided by Hilton Garden Inn grille of Pikeville.