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The Hatfield McCoy Historic Driving Tour features so many interesting locales, from the pawpaw trees site where the McCoy boys were murdered, to the courthouse where the Hatfields were put on trail, and the Hog Trail Cabin where many believe the feud was sparked.

Each site has its own flavor that brings the feud out of legend and into reality for many history lovers. But one site really stands out as a truly special site, especially for the McCoys. The Randolph McCoy Homeplace is a must-see site for those who want to fully experience feud history. This is the site where the infamous New Years Eve attack occurred, claiming the lives of many McCoy children and leaving Randolph’s wife, Sally, gravely injured. It is a site where many McCoy descendants, as well as history buffs, explore each year, hoping to piece together the events that further caused this feud to spiral out of control. You’re in the heart of feud country when you visit this site, and the property owner, Bob Scott, is always willing to give visitors a special tour of the area when he is available.

National Geographic’s Diggers found many bullet fragments, as well as other items, at this property. It is believed that these bullets were involved in the shootout between the Hatfields and McCoys, which is truly remarkable. The Diggers also mapped out the location where the McCoy Cabin stood, which helps visitors create the narrative of the attack in their minds while exploring the property. The McCoy Well is also an interesting feature of the property, as this is the exact well the McCoys used in their day-to-day lives, and was probably used during the attack to put out the flames that were consuming the McCoy Cabin. ATV tours of Hatfield & McCoy Mountain are also available from this property, allowing visitors to see the beautiful country that the McCoys called home. Be sure to plan your Hatfield McCoy Tour today and experience the history of the world’s most famous feud.

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McCoy Homeplace

Thank you for how gracious you were to us in showing us the family home site. My wife and daughter enjoyed it every bit as much as I did and learned much about my family past. It still amazes me how open you are to allowing folks onto your property and this being my third trip, I have never seen anything but kindness from you. As a triple great grandson of Randolph McCoy, I am very happy that the land is in the hands of one of the kindest men I have had the pleasure to meet.

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