Pike County Tourism CVB has been working diligently on a new rendition of the popular Hatfields & McCoys Historic Feud Driving Tour brochure, which is now available online. While our printed brochure does the job just fine, we wanted to update the directional guide to be more intuitive and easy to follow.

The land of the Hatfields and the McCoys can be difficult to navigate for some, with its rolling hills and winding (yet fully paved) roads. So we observed some feedback that our treasured guests have shared with us over the years and put together something that we hope helps everyone find their way on this amazing adventure through history.

2022 Hatfield McCoy Driving Tour Brochure Download

As with previous renditions of the directional guide, the 2022 Hatfield McCoy Historic Feud Driving Tour brochure offers directions to each site, one after the other, beginning at our Visitors Center in Pikeville (located in the Pikeville Hampton Inn, 831 Hambley Blvd. Pikeville, KY 41501).

If our Visitors Center is not open when you arrive, the brochure, as well as the audio USB/CD (which serves as a story teller) is also available at the Hampton Inn’s front desk. GPS coordinates (North by West) are also available for each site within the guide).

Learn More About the Hatfields & McCoys Feud Driving Tour

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